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Student Recruiter-L758W5R3

23 days ago
Monthly Salary ($)


– Recruitment of potential technical intern trainees via Facebook and phone calls
– Manage and organize students information and report to the Director
– Make Marketing materials such as Facebook and Telegram contents for school promotion
– Answer to inquiries from the potential students via Facebook and Telegram
– Translate documents between English/Japanese and Khmer as needed
– Coordinating and arranging career events on the technical internship system in local areas
– Handling of interviews with potential students and the contract of enrollment
– Other tasks assigned by the Directors and Japanese Managers.


– Good level of Japanese (higher than N3 level)
– Able to type Japanese on PC and read/write JP
– Able to use Excel & Word
– Good at communication, like to talk to people and are not shy
– Working experience using PC at least 1-2 years in an International company (especially Japanese one)
– Willing to learn and research new knowledge by oneself proactively
– Able to adapt Japanese working style.


– Intelligence and task capacity.
– Work experience in a Japanese company or as a sales, or marketing positions
– Has worked in a Japanese school or Technical intern sending organization.

Profile Camup Job was founded in 2013 as a Japanese based recruiting agency in Cambodia. Currently, there are about 20 staff consisting of Cambodian and Japanese. We have supported over 400 clients with more than 3,000 positions filled successfully. Our goal is to support all range of job seekers and employers by various HR services. We named our company “Camup Job” based on our core belief that “Cambodia grows up by job matching”. Our mission is to contribute to Cambodia for its growing up, and we believe the most effective way is to provide the right human resources to the right places. We will try our best to maximize the potential of the people and happiness for them that are obtainable through the work.

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