CamUp Job - The Story

Camup Job was founded in 2013 as a Japanese based recruiting agency in Cambodia.

Currently, there are about 20 staff consisting of Cambodian and Japanese. We have supported over 400 clients with more than 3,000 positions filled successfully. Our goal is to support all range of job seekers and employers by various HR services. 

We named our company “Camup Job” based on our core belief that “Cambodia grows up by Job matching”. Our mission is to contribute to Cambodia for its growing up, and we believe the most effective way is to provide the right human resources to the right places. We will try our best to maximize the potential of the people and happiness for them that are obtainable through the work.

service with a smile

Meet Our People

In CamUp Job, we believe that only smile can bring warm to both customers, clients and coworkers. Success or failure we will always do our best and support each other with kindness and smile. This is CamUp Job team.

David B. Bass

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jennifer Mankin


Ann Allen

Real Estate

Paul Chan


Robert McCrary

Real Estate

Debbie Hendry

Labor Law