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Job Description

Developing and implementing procurement strategies:
– The Procurement Officer is responsible for developing procurement policies, procedures, and strategies that align with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Supplier selection and management:
– The officer is in charge of identifying potential suppliers, evaluating their capabilities, and making an informed decision regarding supplier selection.
– They also establish and maintain relationships with suppliers, negotiate contracts, and monitor supplier performance.

Conducting market research and analysis:
– Procurement Officers need to stay up to date with market trends, pricing, and new products or services in order to make informed purchasing decisions.
– They analyze market conditions and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

Managing the procurement process:
– This involves preparing and issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) or quotations (RFQs), evaluating bids or proposals, and making recommendations for awarding contracts.
– They also handle issuing purchase orders, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures, and managing the entire procurement process, including receiving and inspecting goods or services.

Budgeting and cost control:
– The Procurement Officer plays a role in developing and managing procurement budgets.
– They are responsible for ensuring cost-effective procurement practices and maximizing value for the organization by identifying cost-saving opportunities and negotiating favorable terms and conditions.

Risk management:
– The officer assesses and manages procurement-related risks, such as supplier bankruptcies, delivery delays, or quality issues.
– They develop risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans to ensure continuity of supply.

Compliance and ethical considerations:
– Procurement Officers adhere to legal and ethical standards, including ensuring fairness, transparency, and compliance with procurement regulations and policies.
– They may also be responsible for conducting due diligence on suppliers to ensure compliance with social and environmental standards.

Stakeholder management:
– Procurement Officers collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as departments or project teams, to understand their procurement needs and requirements.
– They provide guidance and support to stakeholders throughout the procurement process, ensuring their needs are met while following procurement procedures.

Record-keeping and reporting:
– The officer maintains accurate procurement documentation, including purchase orders, contracts, supplier information, and financial records.
– They also prepare and provide regular procurement reports to management, highlighting key metrics, cost savings, and other relevant data.

Continuous improvement:
– Procurement Officers identify areas for improvement within the procurement process, such as streamlining procedures, enhancing supplier performance, or leveraging new technologies or tools.
– They actively contribute to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement function within the organization.

Job Requirement

– A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field such as business administration, economics, or supply chain management.
– Experience in procurement, purchasing, or supply chain management preferably in a similar industry or organization.
– Familiarity with relevant procurement regulations, policies, and procedures.
– Knowledge of procurement tools such as e-procurement systems, vendor management systems, and contract management systems.
– Strong analytical and negotiation skills to evaluate supplier proposals, and negotiate pricing and contract terms.
– Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) to clearly articulate procurement procedures and requirements to both internal stakeholders and suppliers.
– Ability to work independently and as part of a team, often under tight deadlines and pressure.
– Strong attention to detail and ability to manage multiple procurement projects simultaneously.
– Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills to resolve procurement-related issues and challenges, often involving complex matters.
– Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with suppliers and stakeholders.
– Demonstrated ability to ensure compliance with procurement regulations, policies, and procedures and conduct procurement activities timely, transparently, and effectively.
– Familiarity with logistical and supply chain management principles and practices.
– Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel and other common computer applications.
– Willingness to learn and keep up-to-date with the latest procurement trends, best practices, and regulations.

Profile Camup Job was founded in 2013 as a Japanese based recruiting agency in Cambodia. Currently, there are about 20 staff consisting of Cambodian and Japanese. We have supported over 400 clients with more than 3,000 positions filled successfully. Our goal is to support all range of job seekers and employers by various HR services. We named our company “Camup Job” based on our core belief that “Cambodia grows up by job matching”. Our mission is to contribute to Cambodia for its growing up, and we believe the most effective way is to provide the right human resources to the right places. We will try our best to maximize the potential of the people and happiness for them that are obtainable through the work.

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