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Plantation Manager-L589W695

17 days ago
Monthly Salary ($)

Job Description

– Directing all the work activities done on the farm
– Report to CEO
– Daily, Weekly Operations report, semiannual report, and annual reports to CEO
– Interview, hire, train and supervise plantation and nursery staff
– Develop and implement training programs for farm staff
– Develop and implement solutions to farming problems or issues
– Prepare an annual budget for the various agricultural operations with cost saving goals (responsible for P&L management)
– Help with sourcing buyers for fruit production
– Maintain financial, chemical, and production records necessary for the efficient operation of the various agricultural operations, as needed
– Maintain an emergency response plan for agricultural operations
– Plan and coordinate schedules of employees and manage labor costs of operations
– Oversee nursery operations and fertilizer/nutrition requirements of all plants
– Oversee land preparation and infrastructure development
– Plan with engineers the irrigation required for agriculture
– Overseeing the planting of the crops during planting seasons
– Manage field maintenance including weed control and irrigation materials
– Should have good knowledge of both organic and inorganic fertilizers
– Should have knowledge of pest control and use of pesticides/herbicides/fungicides
– Overseeing the harvesting of the crops during harvesting season
– Direct farming production activities to ensure production schedule and budget are met
– Packing the crops for processing, shipment and sale
– Managing the transport of crops or processed goods from plantation
– Managing an inventory of the crops, animals and harvests
– Manage inventory of all farm assets
– Responsible for preparation of operation reports
– Recording growth and harvest rates according to input variables
– Buying of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides/herbicides/fungicides for plantation
– Buying the required plantation and nursery machinery and equipment
– Knowledge of soil science and conditions on the land and planning accordingly
– Knowing the market conditions and staying up to date on prices
– Helping the owner expand the business
– Innovating yield optimization, harvesting, and processing methods
– Managing all animal production at the farm, including feed production, feeding schedules, incubating, hatching, brooding, growth and sales
– Prepare for fire emergencies during dry season
– Manage all irrigation and water conservation during dry season
– Knowledge of compost preparation and management
– Maintain fences and keep out buffalo/cows/non-farm animals
– Maintain relationships with local authorities
– Do tasks required by the CEO.

Job Requirement


– Possess excellent communication and leadership skills
– Detail oriented
– Able to manage and motivate plantation team
– Resourceful, hard-working, and self-motivated
– Possesses honesty and integrity
– Safety conscious


– Bachelor’s degree from an agricultural college
– Possess at least 5 years work experience on a farm or plantation
– Possess at least 3 years managing a farm or plantation.

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