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មន្ទីរពេទ្យអរឃីដ – កោះពេជ្រ (Orchid Koh Pich Hospital) is looking for General Manager.

General Manager is a key member of the Executive Management Team who will be responsible for (1) developing Operational strategies to support the business objectives, (2) leading and managing the operation team; and implementing the Operational policies such as HR, Admin, and IT to proactively support the Orchid’s business strategies and objectives; (3) participating in planning and developing workforce strategies to support the long term business sustainability; (4) participating in developing a high performance culture and ensure compensation strategies in place to motivate and retain key talents; (5) ensuring the employee relations system and legal compliance are in place, (6) work with other key managers/leaders to develop strategic marketing plans.

Key Responsibility:

1. Human Resource and Operational Strategies:
– Assis in developing /revising and implementing human resource management and operational growth strategies such as HR, Admin, IT and Marketing policies and procedures in line with the business needs to proactively impact and contribute to achievement of the company’s objectives.
2. Lead and Manage the Operation Team:
– Oversee daily business operations.
– Ensure that the Operation team delivers their planned outcomes and their agreed targets (KPIs) are met in line with the operational plan.
– Monitor report and advice on the performance of functions for which the Operation teams are responsible. Build operation team’s capacity and strengthen competency and professional development.
– Assis in development/enforcement of medical standard operation procedures (sops).
– To document and regularly report on medical complications to medical committee.
– To ensure the provision of medical quality services.
– Conduct regular operation teams performance appraisal, monitoring progress, and setting objectives.
3. Workforce planning and Recruitment:
– To work closely with HR Manager group in determining manpower strategy and manage the actual labor cost against the approved budget. Ensure recruitment of quality staff in accordance with the required manpower plans.
4. Staff Performance Management:
– To assist the HR Manager group in development and implement performance management policies and procedures to ensure smoothness, effectiveness, and efficiency are in place as follow:
. To manage and follow up Employee Performance Appraisal
. To work closely with Line Manager for performing performance appraisals for all employees

5. Employee Relations and Legal compliance:
– Promote teamwork culture and commitment across all units related.
– Assist HR Manager group in implement employee relations policy and guideline to be consistent with relevant labor legislation and business needs to promote an effective working environment as required by national rules and regulations relating to operational policy, employment contract, tax/health policy, working hours and leaves as it is necessary to ensure the company is maximizing its operational efficiency.
6. Management Team:
– Be a proactive participating member of the management team and contribute to the managing of the business to positively impact the Orchid’s strategies and objectives.
7. Marketing:
– Work closely with Marketing Manager group in development and implement marketing strategy to support Company’s business plans including and not limiting to developing product information package, meeting/presenting services, ensure the brand and services is well recognize, monitor and ensure clients satisfaction. Provide support to other executive team.
– To appear on social media i.e. radio talk shows on health topics as needed.
8. Financial Management:
– Creating and managing annual budgets.
– Monitor on income and expense in relevant to the performance and service.
– Improving revenue.
– Analyze accounting and financial data.
– Enforce and adhere to good financial management practice.
9. Perform other tasks:
– As required by Line Manager or it may be deem necessary to full fill the job function.


– Master degree of Business Administration and/or related fields.
– With 5-7 years senior or executive management experience from a health care industry, preferably relating to family planning, maternity, pediatric and women’s wellness field,
– Practicing medical license is not required, but would be a plus,
Skills and Experience:
– Proven management and leadership ability to lead and achieving business objectives,
– Experience in medical clinical supervision and health program management
– Excellent knowledge of standards and regulations for the clinical field e.g., infection control, internal audit, drugs management and client satisfaction and feedback
– Exceptional organizational and leadership skills,
– Aptitude in resolving issues and conflicts,
– Effective communicator, fluent in written/spoken Khmer and English.
Attitude / Motivation:
– Desire to apply good modern medical management/technical skills to health management,
– Ability to lead and demonstrate excellent medical leadership to the team,
– Results oriented and innovative,
– Strong, determined, self-motivated and with strong ethical values,
– Adaptable and flexible; take initiative,
– Able to work in a pressured environment,
– Committed to reproductive health in development and an individual’s right to control their own fertility.

Orchid Koh Pich Hospital is one of the leading medical clinical service providers on sexual reproductive health including Maternal, Newborns and Child Health Care center in Cambodia. Orchid Koh Pich Hospital’s Vision, Mission and Activities are as the following: Vision: to provide an immediate and lifesaving medical services to every woman and child in order to contribute the reduction of maternal and child morbidity and mortality rate in Cambodia. Mission: be the leading hospital in Cambodia in providing the high quality professional medical care services with customer focused, results​ oriented and sustainable. Activity: provide informed choices on sexual reproductive health, maternity and obstetrics gynecological, high-quality birth delivery and children care services. Core Value: Teamwork, Integrity, Quality of Services, Confidentiality, and Trust Orchid Koh Pich Hospital’s facility is specifically designed and equipped with modern technologies for the convenience and comfort of first-time mother and child. The facility is fully staffed with highly skilled medical service providers ranging from gynecologist, births delivery, pediatric care, general medicine, imagery, ear nose and throat (ENT), laboratory and pharmacy. It’s a role requirement for the job holder must fully comply with and to always promote the vision, mission, activities and core value of Orchid Koh Pich Hospital.

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