Shinryo is a major company in the design and construction of air conditioning systems, with particular strength in district heating and cooling systems.

– The company is established in 1950s in Japan.
– The company has expanded into various diverse areas centered on the field of Building Services Plant and Equipment.
– Their motto and commitment “Create a Freshening World”
– They have earned high regard as a leading company in the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.
– Since 1970s they have moved into overseas markets, focusing primarily in the Asia region.
– The staffs in this company look really satisfied with the work environment.

In recognition of the demand for specialist skills and expertise, and the importance of human resource, they have expanded and developed their training systems through a dedicated Training Centre that serves the purpose of educating and guiding their employees so that they will have the necessary skills, spirit and imagination to address the challenges of the next generation.