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Water Treatment Manager-QV6776V8

12 days ago
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Job Description

– Manage and oversee the treatment, distribution and daily operations of water treatment facilities.
– Manage and oversee the treatment process of wastewater treatment facilities.
– Ensure that the plant and its operators comply with state health standards by regularly testing the water supply and keeping meticulous records.
– Maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring all equipment is in proper working condition.
– Maintaining water supply, wastewater and drainage infrastructures to ensure the sustainable supply safe and sufficient treated water to customers, ensure the acceptable level of sewage standard discharged from factories to the company’s sewerage system and rainwater flow smoothly.
– Conduct data analysis using appropriate tools and keep top management abreast of daily finding
– Provide professional comment, advise to top management on how best to run the system effectively and efficiently
– Manage the operation work of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant
– Set up schedule to do maintenances of water supply and wastewater infrastructure
– Follow up work progress of the maintenances of water supply and wastewater infrastructures.
– Lead to repair water supply pipe and wastewater pipe system in case of leakage
– Manage laboratory works
– Make daily record on the material and chemical substance used for treatment process of water supply.
– Manage to take the sample of treated water and sewage for the testing and analysis.
– Manage the testing process of water supply and wastewater to ensure the clean and safe of water supply to customers and verify that wastewater be in the standard guideline before discharge to the company’s system and from the companys system to publics system.
– Prepare to order the materials for water treatment process and report to senior management for appropriate action.
– Set schedule for cleaning of water storage tanks, water tower and wastewater pond.
– Follow up the progress work of cleaning water storage tanks, water tower and wastewater pond.
– Manage and do maintenance on laboratorys materials and equipment.
– Cooperate with others engineers and other operation staffs in the operation activities.
– Prepare monthly water consumption report.
– Be responsible of water supply connection for tenants.
– Cooperate with civil engineer to inspect the connection of wastewater system for new tenants.
– Prepare engineering reports, drawings, and specifications for water and wastewater projects.
– Assess client needs and prepare conceptual design studies, including development of sketch drawing and construction, equipment sizing, layout requirements, and capital and operating cost projections.
– Perform inspections of water and wastewater facilities and prepare summary reports of findings, including cost estimates for repair.
– Prepare and update facility operation and maintenance manuals.
– Monitoring the progress of projects from beginning to end – from the feasibility stage, to design through to construction and handover – or supervising one section of a large project.
– Monitoring flood levels at times of high risk.
– Set up schedule for cleaning work such as U-drain and Earth Canal.
– Follow up the work progress of cleaning work such as U-drain and Earth Canal
– Conduct various tasks and responsibilities as required by senior management.

Job Requirement

– At least qualified and recognized Diploma certificate of Chemistry or related fields preferably in water testing and chemical analysis.
– Minimum 3 years of experience in water supply and wastewater work involving in water and wastewater infrastructure maintenance and installation.
– Minimum 3 years of experience in laboratory work involving in water testing and analysis, chemical mixing and water treatment process or related work.
– Qualified ability to use related software application
– Ability to make record and write the report to senior management.
– Good writing & speaking in English.

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