Senior Recruitment Officer

  • Location Phnom Penh
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Number of Hiring 1
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Nov 5, 2017
  • Job Description

      – Analysis the recruitment process performance, prepares and maintains the recruitment plan, recommends changes to the recruitment process and implements changes
    – Analysis the performance of recruitment agencies, the cost and time to hire and recommends changes and improvements
    – Tracks the list of the recruitment agencies and their terms and conditions; introduces standardised terms and conditions
    – Assists with the review and updating of job descriptions
    – Prepares job advertisement and advertises on appropriate media channels
    – Prepares process and procedure for recruitment and selection such as shortlists, interviews, conducting reference checks, employment offers and preparation of employment contract
    – Operates the recruitment module of HRMIS with accurate data
    – Measures the performance of entire recruitment process and provides feedback
    – Identifies difficult job vacancies and investigates the best recruitment approach
    – Keeps the documentation of the recruitment process up to date
    – Trains new staff member(s) (induction program)
    – Any other HR related tasks as detailed by Management


    Job Requirements

      – Previous experience in recruiting desirable not essential
    – Broader knowledge of the general HR procedures and processes
    – Good working knowledge of MS Office
    – Good interpersonal skills
    – An effective Team player
    – Good communication skills both oral and written
    – Able to work under pressure”
  • Contact Information

  • Company Name ក្រុមហ៊ុន ម៉េងលី ជេ. គួច អេឌ្យូខេសិន (Mengly J. Quach Education)
  • Contact Person Ms. Chariya Song
  • Phone 012 797 939 / 011 388 868
  • Email
  • Website;;
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