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Personal Driver/Chinese Translator-QY658R59

24 days ago
Monthly Salary ($)

Job Description

– Must comply with traffic laws and regulations of Cambodia. Meanwhile, comply with regulations of the company.
– Safe driving, active and enthusiastic. Providing quality vehicle services to all departments of the company. Meanwhile, trying to save expenses.
– Familiar with vehicle management, general knowledge of vehicle performance and maintenance, familiar with traffic laws and the procedures for resolving violations.
– On time and on call. Responsible for picking-up service on leader’s business trips, meeting, business purpose, business entertaining and other related official business.
– Taking care of company’s vehicle, having it checked, reporting to senior timely about the repair and maintenance, keeping inside, outside and engine cleaned. Ensuring it works properly.
– Obeying the principle of confidentiality, shall not join the conversation with passengers when they are working in car. And shall not divulge what is heard in the car.
– About the parking after using, parking spot is chosen attentively. Disorder parking is not allowed.
– Checking validity of various documents of vehicle which is put in charge. Bringing documents to confirm and complete when the vehicle is on duty.
– Taking good rest and sleep. Being energetic and full of physical strength to drive; Driving under influence is not allowed.
– The vehicle shall be parked at an assigned parking space after off duty. Driving without permission is not allowed.
– Fulfilling other tasks which assigned by senior.

Job Requirement

– At least 2-3 years driving experience.
– Able to speak English and Chinese
– Quick response, good health, familiar with road and vehicle conditions, able to work under pressure and maintain vehicle safety;
– Having a high sense of responsibility and strong willpower. Working seriously and steadily.
– Having service consciousness and affinity. Having a good communication.
– Be able to fulfill the assignment of the business trip and company’s temporary arrangement.


– Have experience in FMCG industry

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