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Operation Manager-WYRVR9

119 days ago
Monthly Salary ($)

Job Description

– Overseeing Engineering (EGN) and Warehouse (WH) operations to ensure effective governance, but also leadership management.
– Initiative plan  and primary focus of the role and to execute an operation for EGN & WH functions, by Interact regularly with all team for any supporting.
– Communicate effectively to provide all information necessary for Team Management to function properly on major issues and finalize strategic solutions to complex challenges for EGN & WH.
– Work with Team Management to obtain a standard organizational framework, policies, annual work plan, budget, etc. for EGN & WH.
– Oversee all general aspects related to EGN & WH operation, and Core Operations of Workflow Btw Internal and external.
– Collaborating closely with all teams to ensure the relevant materials, information, and reporting structures are in place for execution.
– Define and share the best practices by EGN & WH, to support other teams in developing working activities for setting campaign objectives, target customer, and business segments.
– Consolidate the evaluation and monitoring of the whole EGN & WH operation on-going levels of availability and distribution.
– Assist in coordinating with all relevant to ensure the on-time delivery or flow operation
Management Policy.
– Determine staffing requirements organizational management program delivery support recruit EGN & WH staff that have right technical personal abilities with the right position; the right candidate.
– Oversee implementation of the working performance of each staff under supervising, procedures practices including implementation of a management process that encourages personal growth.
– Responsible for staff appraisal and review of EGN & WH staff working performance multi-disciplinary staff, support learning and developing the program.
– Responsible for developing & implementing strategic plan, annual work plan to ensure EGN & WH teams successfully fulfill its mission, and maintenance good result in timely manner with high quality.
– Policy development and the field practice of Commercial-Equipment Supply as a whole and retail.

Job Requirement

– Hold Bachelor or Master degree in engineering, construction management, building science, and another equivalent.
– At least 5 years’ experience in management or related field.
– Good command of the English language.
– Good at management and organizational skills.
– Good at communication and interpersonal skills.
– Honest, reliable, hard-working, and intelligent.
– Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills.


– Accidence Insurance
– NSSF (if applicable)
– Annual Leave, Special Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Public Holiday
– Monthly staff birthday
– Time Attendance
– Gasoline and Maintenance(if applicable)
– Incentive Allowance (if applicable)
– Gift for Birth Delivery
– Annual Salary Increase
– Uniform
– Local and Oversea Training
– Team Gathering Budget
– HA Employee Annual Trip.

Profile Camup Job was founded in 2013 as a Japanese based recruiting agency in Cambodia.

Currently, there are about 20 staff consisting of Cambodian and Japanese. We have supported over 400 clients with more than 3,000 positions filled successfully. Our goal is to support all range of job seekers and employers by various HR services.

We named our company “Camup Job” based on our core belief that “Cambodia grows up by job matching”. Our mission is to contribute to Cambodia for its growing up, and we believe the most effective way is to provide the right human resources to the right places. We will try our best to maximize the potential of the people and happiness for them that are obtainable through the work.

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