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Livestock Veterinarian (Animal doctor)​ – 65W69R

37 days ago
Monthly Salary ($)

Job Description

– Develop a farm plan for livestock care and health.
– Develop plans for livestock vaccinations and newborn care including but not limited to pigtail docking, teeth clipping, and male castration; chick incubator monitoring, egg labeling, and post-hatch care.
– Monitor all livestock to diagnose illnesses, treat injuries, prescribe necessary medication or vitamins, and perform surgical procedures where necessary.
– Provide feedback on animal performance and growth.
– Plan for necessary quarantine of sick animals and biosecurity.
– Supervise livestock breeding and genetic diversity.
– Ensure proper nutrition and monitor feed mix ratios.
– Address animal behavior problems.
– Advice on animal housing and well-being.
– Deliver livestock babies and structure plan for care.
– Advise on any livestock risk factors.
– Train workers for care, handling, and feeding of livestock.
– Maintain budgeting, and other operational records including but not limited to birth, growth, death, sale, vaccination, feed records.
– Inspect animal housing to ensure cleanliness and safety.
– Upkeep continued education in the field.

Job Requirement

– Past experience working on a farm.
– Care for animals.
– Great communication skills.
– Detail-oriented and outstanding organizational skills.
– Flexible to work day and night hours depending on animal needs.
– Appropriate government licensing/certification.


Degree in veterinary studies/medicine (Animal doctor).

A local Cambodian and foreign invested joint venture company focused on production and processing of agriculture crops for both export and domestic consumption. The core business strengths are in agro-industrial crop production and processing with an emphasis on strict export quality standards in both plantation production and processing procedures.

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