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Customer Service Manager​ – XV63VY

24 days ago
Monthly Salary ($)

Job Description

– Providing consultation to international especially Japanese investors regarding various subjects of their interests such as investment benefits in Cambodia, tax incentives from the government, various laws and regulations, and services and facilities of PPSEZ, etc.
– Providing guidelines to investors to go through for settling an investment in the zone by abiding by the laws and regulations of Cambodia
– Assisting investors to have a smooth establishment of the company and to start their operation on schedule by providing information about various services namely logistics, banking, food, accommodation, and transportation for workers, etc.
– Coordinating with various governmental institutions at the time investors need assistance
– Supporting investors and any third party when there is any language barrier, such as providing help with the translation between Japanese-Khmer-English
– Facilitate investors’ other needs during their operation in Cambodia.
– Monitoring the Customer Service Unit team when they are going through the process of preparing documents and conducting necessary procedures for investors to acquire licenses and permits, starting from the company registration to tax holiday application, etc.
– Tracking the team’s progress of various procedures being conducted for customers and keeping a portfolio of the investors’ documentation
– Manualizing the procedures that investors need to go through, for the purpose of ease of work in the unit and better and faster supports to the investors
– Creating a system or an environment in which information is well shared and updated within the unit
– Monitoring, advising, and training Customer Service Unit staff to support investors with various tasks and procedures they need help
– Other tasks assigned by the Senior Manager and Management team.
– Internal: The incumbent cooperates and works closely with the members of the Customer Service Unit as well as staff of other units such as Engineer, HR/Admin, Recruitment, and Accounting, etc. to help facilitate customers to their full satisfaction.
– External: The incumbent maintains a good relationship with representatives from various governmental institutions in the One-Stop Service Center, Ministries, authorities, and a close and friendly relationship with customers/tenants to make them feel at ease when asking for help.

Job Requirement

– At least 5 years experience working.
– Good writing & speaking in Japanese.
– Good writing & speaking in Khmer & English
– Good negotiation and influencing skills.
– Good interpersonal skills.
– High motivation, willingness to work hard, and can work under pressure.


– Have experience in Real Estate, Land Leasing, or related background.


– Transportation from Edwood Business Center to PPSEZ
– NSSF, Forte, Health cover allowance: 300$/year
– Salary increment
– Yearly Bonus
– Company Trip once a year, and company twice a year
– Company Car and Driver when traveling

Phnom Penh SEZ Plc. (publicly listed in Cambodia under “PPSP”) manages Phnom Penh SEZ with over 357 hectares in size and more than 80 international companies from 15 different nations invested in the zone. We received the approval as a developer of a multi-product SEZ from the Royal Government of Cambodia on 19 April 2006.

The SEZ designation provides considerable government incentives and benefits to SEZ developers, operators and its zone investors, including exemptions from customs tax, income tax and other taxes, resulting in reduced costs for infrastructure, utilities, raw materials and other resources, which increases export competitiveness and benefits international trade.

Our company is principally involved in the business of operating and managing an SEZ with the main purpose of developing industrial land for sale/lease. In addition, as an operator, we are also involved in supplying other relevant services and facilities within Phnom Penh SEZ such as supply and distribution of treated water, rental service, infrastructure maintenance, advisory service and administrative support, wastewater treatment and other services. We are currently operating at National Road No. 4, Sangkat Kantouk, Khan Kambol in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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