Agricultural Techniques Developer -004047

  • Location Kampot
  • Salary 600-1000$
  • Number of Hiring 2
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Oct 11, 2017
  • Job Description

    ● Management
    ○ Answer emails on a daily basis.
    ○ Update management documents 3 times a week.
    ○ Meet with Development Team Manager and/or Senior Developer on a weekly basis to receive tasks and agree upon qualitative, quantitative and time objectives.

    ● Research
    ○ Do research and compile a short bibliography.
    ○ Design an experiment if necessary.
    ○ Contact experts to validate data/experiment plan/etc.

    ● Experimentation
    ○ Check plot availability with the experimental plot manager.
    ○ Brief experimental plot agents on the experiment’s objectives, things to do and not to do, etc.
    ○ Monitor progress, compile and analyse results, synthetise conclusions of experiment, and store in adequate location on the drive.
    ○ If necessary, in parallel or after the experimentation, launch experimentation on farmers’ plots.
    ○ Transfer new knowledge and do trainings for appropriate team members: development team and/or agents and/or farmers, etc.

    ● Needs detection
    ○ Detect specific needs on the ground and relay information to the rest of the team.
    ○ Inform the team on ideas regarding further development initiatives and strategies.

    ● Development team
    ○ The missions of development can happen anywhere in the company, since we will need improvements or we will face problems in all parts of the company.
    ○ The development team has little to no hierarchy; team organization changes throughout time and projects, depending on what skilled are most required and who is the best suited to lead a given project.
    ○ Management is here to impulse and filter new project ideas, provide guidance to developper, but a lot of the job must be done in autonomy.

    ● Schedule
    ○ It would change a lot depending on the missions and how urgent they are. Sometimes it can be very busy, working even at night or on weekends, sometimes it can be very free, if no mission currently happening.
    ○ We expect the average to be around 40 hours per week, and that most of the time there is no need to work on weekends.
    ○ A developer doesn’t need to be in the office every day but can work anywhere. the only important thing is that during weekdays, he be reachable by phone and be available for a meeting in less than 30 minutes if needed.
    ○ A lot of work can be expected on the field.


    Job Requirements

    ○ Masters in agriculture, agronomy or Bachelor in agriculture, agronomy, coupled with solid
    ○ Other closely related qualifications [e.g. biology, environment, engineering] and relevant experience in agriculture will be considered.
    ○ work experience [3+years] will be considered.
    ○ Good commend in English
    ○ Ability to analyze a situation, understand the reasons that make it how it is.
    ○ Ability to summarize into reasons, causes, or categories.
    ○ Ability to define process, or at least to design them in one’s mind, in order to be able to design tools or solutions inside these processes.
    ○ Ability to do clear power points and use spreadsheets like google docs.
    ○ Ability to represent a process and mind map.
    ○ spontaneously presents a draft quickly, rather than something finished but late.
    ○ Having own motor and able to ride it is a necessity
    ○ being patient and willing to adapt to the local context is a necessity

    Benefit Note:

    – Accommodation
    – Annual Leave (18 days/year)
    Insurance    /   Transportation

  • Contact Information

  • Company Name CamUp Job Center
  • Contact Person Ms. Vuth Sokunneary
  • Phone (+855) 10 777 221
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