What Are The Most Common Questions Appear In A Job Interview?


There are many questions from interviewer to interviewee during a job interview, thus interviewer need to be ready and flexible for all response to interviewer. In Cambodia, most of interviewers use 10 most common questions to ask interviewee and this can help interviewee to prepare best answer.

  1. Can you introduce yourself?
    It is always be the first question from interviewer to getting to know about your background which you have listed down in your resume. This also show how well prepared you are before a job interview. Normally, you can show your confidence to the interviewer by expressing all the details of your studying and working history.
  2. What do you know about our company?
    This question is simply answer if you really have a prior research the company background before going to interview. This show how much you interested in their company.You need to show that you have a good understanding of what the company is about and how they work in working industries.
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    You can be critical about your strengths by answering straight forward to the question, but do not be too critical about your weaknesses. Thus you need to turn your weak point to a positive one. For instance, you might pick up one of your weaknesses ‘’ I am the one who like to finish many tasks at the same time’’ It means that you are a fast doer which seems like your positive point, however there will be some missing one to complete many tasks at same time and you better double check before getting tasks done.
  4. Why did you leave your last job?
    No matter how bad your situation was from your previous job, you should answer this question in positive response. Remember that you should not criticize your previous employer in any circumstances as it is unprofessional way.
  5. Why are you interested in this position?
    It is such a good question that you need to response how enthusiastic you are. This is how your skill or working experience best fit with your applied position to their job requirements. It would be the same question as ‘’Why do you think you are a best candidate?’’ ‘’Why Should I hire you?’’
  6. Can you give me an example of a hardest situation? How can you solve it?
    Interview intends to know about your situation in which you used problem solving and communication skills to turn worse situation to be better. Remember to show about your emotional intelligence to deal the problem. Draw their attention to focus on what was the problem and how the problem was solved.
  7. What will you bring to our company if you are selected?
    This question asks to know about your commitment and your willingness to applied position at their company. If you are a best candidate among many candidates for employer to select, you need to show about your summary qualifications that you can improve or develop the company.
  8. What is your career goal?
    Interviewer wants to know how long you intend to stay at their company whether you have any long term commitment with a job. Remember to show your future ambition in applied position. For instance, you apply for Sales Supervisor and you might say’’ I want to be a sales manager in the future’’.
  9. What are your key achievements?
    You can answer straight forward to the question about key achievements at your previous workplace which link between your achievements and position applied. You should highlight on any key achievements that was from your tough situation. For example, you might say that’’ I was selected to startup business operation for a new CamUp Job Agency branch at Myanmar and I have done it successfully’’. This show how smart and qualify you are.
  10. How much do you expect?
    The salary is typically discussed when the job is actually offered. You can just give them wide range of salary that you are happy to negotiate and show that salary is not a main issue if you decide to work with each other. In addition, you can add more information about salary or other benefit from previous work place. Thus help interviewer see the scale to which they can negotiate on too.

In short, interviewee at least should be ready to have best answer for these 10 common questions which will be appear in a job interview.We strongly believe this can help you to be a successful candidate.