Tips To Search For Jobs That Match YOU

Try and create an image of work you will do from the job posts

It is important to create an image of yourself working at the place where you are applying for.
Job posts usually have job requirements, job descriptions, office address, work place, working hours and benefits.


By using two tips below, you may be able to build a clearer image to know what to expect from the job and could help you decide to take it or not.

1)Think about what would be interesting/rewarding about your job and what would be difficult.

e.g. if you were to be a sales person, one should think about who you will be selling the products to and what would you have to do to earn credibility, and what difficulties or rewards would you have when achieving this?

2)Read the company website and its vision and services.

Then, you could assume further information and compare it to your interests. For instance, you could presume that because the service is given to clients in different and broad fields so you may find that this suits you well by the fact that you like to know new things and be simulated.

These tips could make your job interviews better as well as the search for the jobs which match you. However, if you can’t find any more information from the sites and brochures…

Ask questions directly to confirm your concerns

Information from job posts and websites are sometimes not enough to make for decisions. If you want to know about the company for sure, you should ask directly to the people who work there, including the interviewer.
Remember, a job interview is supposed to be a place for exchanging information between you and the company, but you should also be cautious that depending on how you ask your questions and what you ask you may give a bad impression on your employer. Sometimes, the timing and attitude can change the same question make a good or bad impression of you too.

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