Joyful Memory of CamUpers of Joining Angkor Half Marathon 2017 in Siem Reap

Truthfully, if you walk around and ask people about what Marathon Competition may looks like.  Then most people would answer: “It is nothing much. We competitors would just do the running with everyone else normally”. However, this is not all about Marathon Competition. Apparently, if we take a deep look about this sort of running competition, one will know how marvelous it is as the runners.

So what really is the Marathon Competition?

Marathon Competition is a type of multinational people gathering in a certain place, for, in the competitor’s point of view, they come to compete with one another for the rewards, However, for those who discover and organize this event, it is a competition which gather all people around the world to meet in a place in order to show the strong bond of people, and the special meaning is that even though we are from different country with different nationality, culture, and background, we are still the same as the human-being in the globe.

Mostly, as a matter of fact, marathon competition takes place in the worldwide. The organizers are not biased against any ethnic group at all cost. As long as the meeting point country lets the organizers to start this competition, it will happen there with humorous competitor’s registration. In the meantime, the marathon competition in 2017 actually takes place in Siem Reap on 03 in December.

In curiosity, how would it feel to participate in such a great event in the great Angkor area?

Camup Job Center - Angkor Half Marathon 2017
Camup Job Center – Angkor Half Marathon 2017

During the competition, there were 3 parts for the runners to select: 3Km, 10Km, and 21 Km runners. 3Km contest was required to start from the front gate of Angkor Wat Temple and finish there. Also, the starting point of the 21 Km contest was also in front of the front gate of Angkor Wat Temple, but the finishing line was a bit ahead of the Bakeng Temple area. For the 10 Km Marathon, alike the 21 Km contest, the starting point was also in front of the front gate of Angkor Wat temple, but the runners also needed need to finished next to the Bakeng Temple area. We CamUp Job Center were all registered in the 10 Km running marathon, and with 20 members in total.

We commenced our running with many other foreigners, while there were also people with disability in the head line of us. Then, with the whistle sound, the disable people started ahead of us as this was the given right from the organizers. After a few minutes, we then ran along with other runners. While running, we did develop different types of feeling at the same time. When we ran pass big trees along the road one by one, with probably many centuries history, it gave a breeze feeling to our body with blessing weather. We also felt refresh because during the running, we, unconsciously have become one with the nature. This made us relaxed, for when involved with the nature, one would develop a peaceful mind just like we were jogging in a fresh forest in the morning with dews on the leaf of the trees surrounding us. Then after a few hundred meters, when we saw the water station with snacks, we would push ourselves harder to reach that point to get those refreshments to fill our stomach. This could make us happy and boost our energy at the same time. There was really free water for us, but we dare not to drink a whole bottle, because we were afraid of running to bathroom nonstop. This really developed frustration and worry in our gut. Then after a few kilometers, we could see Bayon Temple with many other temples. To be honest, when we were running, and there were many temples standing there with us, it seemed that there were many people standing there and cheering us to keep going without giving up. This also made us happier and more energetic to continue the race. For some other runners, when they saw many temples like this, they would stop to selfie for a second, and then there was smile that full of happiness on them that could be seen. After having running for quite 7 to 8 kilometers, we honestly were really exhausted, and our legs were really sored and painful, but we endured to make it to the destination. Indeed, after the effort with never give up policy, we arrived at the destination next to Bakeng Temple Area. Upon arriving at the destination, we cheered among our members with the other finished runners to claim our victory, and there were organization staff awaiting to give the medal necklace trophies to represent our participation in this event. When we picked the medal and looked at it, we really thought with a smile that it was really worth for all the effort we have put.

In short, marathon competition is not only for people competing with one another to get the medal, but its true meaning is to help increase the connection between people to people not only in one country, but across the continents. Making people to build strong bond together is the special meaning for this Marathon Competition. Hope to see you in next Angkor Wat International Half Marathon with us CamUp Job Center in the next year together.