Five Things to Consider Before Saying ‘Yes’ to a Job Offers

When you consider on a job offer, there are other things you should pay more attention to rather than how much you are going to be paid. Frankly, salary is also an important factor for the job offer. However, there are even more other things needed to consider. It is truth that your paycheck can cover your daily expense, but take more time to check about the job offer before ‘Yes’ answer comes out. In this case, you should try to look at the other benefits that you could get from the job: the employee’s benefit at the company, and you have to make sure that there are non-complex things happening at that company.

Here are some tips that can help evaluate the job offers:

  1. Hours and Travel

To a person, time is very an essential thing that none can replace. No one can turn back the time, since it will keep going no matter how one wants it to stop. Anyway, before accepting the job offer, you need to be certainly sure that you are available on the schedule and hour that you need to work. At the same time, please ensure that that job involves any travel to somewhere.

To make it simply, if you are used to working only from 30 to 40 hours per week, but the job offer requires more than 40 hours per weeks, you should reconsider that you will have any difficulty in committing to the job or not.

Also, it would be a good idea to check whether there are any traveling tasks for you, and whether you will be able to accomplish the task.

  1. Salary

Money matter is not the only important thing for you as the candidate, but it could be counted as the necessary one too.

Before say ‘Yes’ to the job offer, please ask yourself these question:

  • Is the paycheck meet your expectation?
  • Does your qualification match with the salary?
  • Can you accept the salary without feeling any offended or forced?
  • Will that paycheck help you with your daily expense?
  • If your answer means that you are not satisfied with all of these matters, please reject the job, at least, right away.

Please make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth, and the compensation will not make you feel awful or dissatisfied. If you go around and ask people whether they want to be in a position that the salary is not enough, of course, their answer will be ‘No’.

Therefore, if the compensation package does not meet your expectation, try negotiating with your employer.

  1. Benefits and Perk

Instead of money matter, check about the job’s benefits and perk offered from the company. In some way, the benefits and perk can be as important as the offered salary.

If you are not clear with the benefits and perk, do the clarification through the company webpage, or ask extra information directly at the company through those who is your interviewer.

Check out about the life and health insurance coverage, leave permission, vacation, and other benefit programs. Also, inquire how much of the benefit cost you might receive from the company.

  1. Personal Circumstance

Everyone has their own concept; at the same time their taste of personal circumstance is also different. You might think this is the perfect job for me, but it is not for the others. Nevertheless, if you are currently in the state of requiring the bill right away, it is worth to take this chance, even it is not your first choice.

Take some time to review over the pros and cons of the job offers. Also, trust your gut more. You should not accept it if it tells you so, because there may be something that your gut may know more than you.

Bear in mind that if this is not the right job for you, it does not mean that this is the end of the world. There will always be the next offer that could be the better one.

It is much easier to decline the job offer than to resign after you just start doing the work for quite a period of time. Your employer may prefer your rejection at first, rather than start over the recruiting and selecting process just after a couple of week when things does not work out for you.

So do take time to thoroughly evaluate the offer. If you feel that you need to think it over, take time you need to make an informed decision as long as you are sure that this is the right company for me.

  1. The Company Culture

The company culture and environment is also an important factor. Most people can perform their job well if they are not comfortable with the environment that they are going to work in.

If, in your point of view, you feel that no matter what you cannot accept the environment at your soon going to be workplace, it is not a good idea to take the offer.