Senior Merchandise / Merchandiser Manager

  • Location Phnom Penh
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Number of Hiring 1
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Dec 27, 2017
  • Job Description

      Senior Merchandise
    – Oversee sourcing of factories in order to meet business needs and support costing
    – Assist in Sample approval process
    – Work with factories on request local/Oversea QA, and
    – CGS’ Sourcing & Production
    – Arrange and check day to day document
    – Make and record appointments Skype to Local and Over sea
    – Receive and process incoming and outgoing mail
    – Write letters and reports on Merchandiser to Manager/Director
    – Prepare Schedule or programs for meetings
    – Organize business Management of company to Merchandise to over sea & local with board liaison
    – Search for new supplier
    – Organize price
    – Possess relevant experience in buying / sourcin

    Merchandiser Manager
    – Taking the Owner ship of the style given by the immediate Manager.
    – Ordering RM within 3 days of receiving Costing & Customer PO or as directed by the immediate Manager.
    – Strictly, following costed consumptions and prices. No POs should be placed unless covered by cost unit price or costed surcharge.
    – Checking the accuracy of the costing for prices, shades, references, ratios, recovery rates, ratings, surcharges, surpluses for fashion shades & Prints.
    – Keeping the costing & BOM up-to-date with amendments.
    – Maintaining MOQ order sheet with up-to-date & accurate details.
    – Maintain Sage and FR with accurate details of Quantity/description/ratio & allocate RM for KITs accurately and completely.
    – Chasing suppliers for RM confirmations and get the proper OC documents within 4 working days from the PO placement.
    – Updating the immediate Manager for any RM issues which would impact the committed DD within a week of order placements. (Exception will only be given if the LD or SO are not approved and supplier is on holiday for the entire week).
    – Closely follow up the POs with suppliers for LD, SO & bulk SS to ensure on time RM arrival.
    – Follow up the CP for on time LD, SO approvals and FF approvals to send cutworks for label ordering.
    – Finalize Packing/labeling requirements & standards with all the customers on par with CP.
    – Follow up & Order label & threads 4 weeks prior committed RM IH date.
    – Follow up BCC and PPM and meet all requirements w/o delays.
    – Reconcile all the RM of a style within 14 days from the last shipment and prepare a loss/profit analysis to the immediate Manager


    Job Requirements

      Senior Merchandise Requirement
    – Male or Female
    – Salary negotiation on experiences
    – Bachelor’s degree in accounting /apparel/textile in a similar skill.
    – At least 1-3 or more years of work experience of any merchandise factory / private company.
    – Computer literacy especially MS office, outlook. Skype, e-mail, group discuss.
    – Good command of the English or Chinese language good.
    – Honestly and hardworking/interpersonal skills
    – Be able working overtime
    – Familiar with us/Canada/ china Europe market
    – Able to work independently with factories.

    Merchandiser Manager Requirement
    – Bachelor Degree or related
    – At least 3-5 years of Experience
    – Apart from what is given above, any day to day, business related responsibility given by the superior/ Manager should be followed & completed in a timely manner.
    – Failure of fulfilling the main KPIs will be considered a negative trait to the business and a proper performance evaluation will be made as deemed necessary.
    – Liabilities caused to the business due to improper/inaccurate command of above main KPIs will be taken strongly and a disciplinary action will be taken where deem necessary. This could be a verbal advice, verbal warning or a written Warning letter. If the same mistake/error continues from an individual causing a financial or reputable damage to the business, such individual will be suspended of work permanently after two written warning letters.
    – Any individual who excels on above KPIs will be recognized and treated in such way to appreciate the positive contribution and will be rewarded annually.
    – Disclosing Salary details & embezzlements of any kind will not be tolerated by the company and result in an immediate termination of the employment

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  • Company Name Suntrading Limited
  • Contact Person HR Department
  • Phone +855 (0)979927927
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