Production Manager -004374

  • Location Kandal
  • Salary 1200~$
  • Number of Hiring 1
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Jan 21, 2018
  • Job Description

    • To hold regular production meetings to ensure standards as set out by Customer and Company are met in regards to Quality and Delivery
    • As a result of good planning, be able to accurately assess machine and Manpower requirements taking necessary steps to ensure all resources are in place
    • To liase regularly with all subordinate staff to ensure all objectives within a working week are met on a daily basis
    • To ensure that all Quality is achieved as set by the Quality and Technical departments clearly identifying critical and non critical operations and that the standards are enforced on the production floor at every operation to the Customer specification
    • Along with HR maintain good relationships with all subordinates and proactively get involved in all matters that may arise to resolve smoothly and harmoniously so creating a good environment in which to work
    • To be aware of failures or weaknesses in the Health and Safety compliance on the production floor in conjunction with the H & S officer in regard to Company policy and Customer compliance
    • Along with HR, IE and Training maintain manpower requirements as required giving continued support and guidance. Also to be prepared to listen to others opinions and to note the advice of local management in issues of concern
    • Along with IE strive to maintain operator performance above the minimum level required
    • Oversee Cutting department to ensure order availability being met and supply is maintained
    • Maintain high standard of housekeeping on factory floor at all times
    • Develop the knowledge of subordinates including Supervisors as a priority requirement
    • Report to Factory Manager
    • All objectives to be met in accordance with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which will be set by the Plant Manager


    Job Requirements

    • Must have minimum 5 years experience of manufacturing within same product related field or similar products
    • Must be “Hands on” and able to communicate effectively on all technical matters
    • Full understanding of all areas of Production from Cutting through to finished product with Quality being an important part of the process
    • Able to meet deadlines as required by The Company and Customer
    • Understand the Customers’ requirements
    • To have a working understanding of GSD / Work Study within the production floor
    • Must be a good Man Manager being able to communicate effectively on all levels
    • Be aware of all Health and Safety requirements related to best practices on the factory floor

    Benefit Note:

    – Legal holiday and take leave
    – Benefit: transportation fee, attendant fee
    – From Junior level, offer 1 lunch and transportation (1st station at Lok Song hospital area, 2nd station at Chom Chao area)
    – OT: only every Monday – Friday with bonus (4pm – 6pm)

  • Contact Information

  • Company Name CamUp Job Center
  • Contact Person Ms. Vuth Sokunneary
  • Phone (+855) 10 777 221
  • Email
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