Executive Chef (ជិតផ្សាថ្មី)700$-1,000$

  • Location Phnom Penh
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Number of Hiring 2
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Nov 13, 2017
  • Job Description




    To direct and guide the complete Kitchen production, service and stewarding team in providing a consistent quality of Kitchen service in all outlets, as per international standards, in order to achieve the maximum level of guest satisfaction and organizational profitability in an atmosphere of high employee morale.
    As the overseer of the complete Kitchen operations, the overall reputation and success is the sole responsibility of the executive chef. The creation of fantastic and memorable dining experiences for all guests should herald and largely contribute to the success of the hotel operations.
    • Identifies and develops new products and equipment , to enhance the product quality
    • Develops and defines quality standards of food preparation and presentation
    • Develops, guides and ensure perfect balance and harmony between the product and service chain
    • Ensure that the vibrancy of the Kitchen operation is enticing for all guests, travel agent, bookers and the rest of the business giving community to specifically refer to the Kitchen operation as being the USP of the PHKA ROMYOOL.
    System / Operations
    • Defines the organization of work within the department including assignments , time schedules and vacations of executive team
    • Ensures the quality of food preparation and presentation, as per organizational standards
    • Ensures availability of stock and raw ingredients by proper planning and coordination with Purchase and Stores
    • Ensures that the produce, supplies and other products are the best possible whilst keeping in view the economic perspective.
    • To conduct yield tests, shelf life tests to ensure the freshness, perishability of the goods that are received
    • Coordinates with the engineering department to carry out preventive maintenance programme in the kitchen
    • Establishes recipes and methods of preparation and ensures that the potential food cost of each an every areas and meal period is done at the earliest as well as an ongoing process.
    • Recommends menu pricing after complete and thorough due diligence, market feedback, expenses and cost of raw material, competition survey, service compatibility and the impact on overall profitability.
    • Responsible for the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen area, equipment and staff. The areas should be a matter of pride and should be good enough for the guests to see.
    • Responsible for the complete energy costs of all areas under the Kitchen control
    • Ensures compliance with company and hotel policies by self and all department employees
    • Constantly monitors key performance indicators for the department and takes appropriate action
    • Constantly monitors the guest feedback and takes appropriate action.
    • Is able to showcase Kitchen for the press and life style travel writers so that the reputation of the hotel and the F&B is constantly in the news.
    • Analyses and monitors costs, (material, energy and staff) to ensure high profitability on a regular basis and initiates corrective action whenever necessary
    • Ensures that menus are changed on a regular basis, as per guidelines and market need, in coordination with the General Manager and the Asst. F&B Manager.
    • Ensures the best quality of raw material is procured and used in food preparation
    • Prepares capital and operational budget in order to achieve desired profitability
    • Ensure storage of raw and cooked food / raw material is as per international standards
    • Keeps oneself updated with market knowledge and trends by conducting regular market surveys , in coordination with the purchase department
    • Ensures that all recipes are costed and updated at all times
    • Control of waste and excesses
    Staff / Training

    • Ensures department employees are fully trained through constant LGP
    • Attends behavioural and vocational training in own and related work areas to enhance skills and develop Multifunctionality
    • Conducts and organizes training and team dynamics for compete synergy between the kitchen and service team
    • Ensures that the service staff have compete and through knowledge of the food and the matching wines etc
    • Arranges for training from international organizations, reciprocal exchange programs after the operation is completely settled down
    • Takes a very positive and keen interest in bridging any issues of cultural and local sensitivities
    • Is seen as a “hands on chef ” as well as a service team member and exhibits both these qualities by being in the front and leading by example
    • Ensures practice of hygiene and safety precautions as well as compliance with hotel and company policies by the kitchen staff through training
    • Ensures career development and succession planning for subordinates through training
    • Uses the Taj appraisal system to review the performance of direct subordinates and determine their development needs
    • Decides on hiring , promotion , disciplinary action and performance related pay for subordinates
    • Counsels subordinates in personal and work related matters
    • Personally conducts key trainings
    To ensure adherence to the Tata Core Values at all times
    • COURAGE at all times to move ahead and achieve goals however difficult they might be by practicing righteousness and having high ethical standards in all interactions
    • EXCELLENCE, to strive for which should be the main guiding principle in all our undertakings
    • INTEGRITY which would breed conduct of the highest moral standards towards guest colleague, company and self
    • TEAMWORK which would create a healthy working environment and conduct that would create mutual trust as the basis of all working relationships
    • RESPECT AND CONCERN FOR OTHERS which would demonstrate that people are our key assets and lead from the front regarding performance achievement, individual development as well as safeguard the interests of the customers, employees and the company
    • RELIABILITY, a quality that we should be able to portray, as individuals, to our guests and colleagues alike
    • CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETY by following the principles of trusteeship to shareholders, employees and the society at large, laid down by the leaders of the company and carry forward the basic essence of the company
    • Successful opening of the Kitchen areas with strong foundation of the entire Kitchen Operations
    • Food cost
    • Department productivity (no. of covers per employee)
    • Attendance and punctuality
    • Mandays of training conducted personally
    • Mandays of training in the department
    • Mandays of training attended
    • Quality audit
    • Customer satisfaction index
    • Employees motivation index
    • Number of employees in the department promoted to other units
    • Manpower rationalization
    Non Measurable
    • Interface with other departments(teamwork)
    • Going beyond the call of duty to satisfy guest needs
    • Multifunctionality
    • Leading by example
    • Staff and team motivation
    • A supportive and positive colleague to all other department heads
    • Being perceived as a positive influence for the local team
    • Self motivation
    • Positive attitude
    • Eye for detail
    • Personal grooming and etiquette
    • Reports to the General Manager
    Subordinates and peers
    • Takes decisions on all operational and staff matters that are outside the responsibility of subordinates
    • Maintains an excellent relationship with subordinates at all levels
    • Stays in constant contact with the staff in the department , managing through example
    • Encourages team building through regular informal meetings and an open door policy
    Other departments
    • Receiving department : Ensures supply of raw material that meet hotel standards
    • Engineering: Ensures preventive maintenance to keep equipment in good working order
    • Front office and all guest contact areas must be well co-ordianated with
    • Develops a good working relationship with all the concerned departments

    Customers and outsiders

    • Develops friendly relationship with guests
    • Builds relationship with peers in competing hotels and restaurants
    • Actively collects guest feedback and initiates remedial action whenever required


    Job Requirements

    • Diploma in Hotel Management
    • Secondary schooling or equivalent technical school
    • Received apprenticeship training or attended specified food production course in a hotel school
    Knowledge / Skill
    • Thorough knowledge of all sections of kitchen including international cuisine
    • Knowledge of volume production and ability to maintain the highest quality standards
    • Capable of managing and motivating large diverse group of employees
    • Excellent communication and training skills
    • Must be creative and resourceful
    • Knowledge of finance
    • Knowledge of purchase and receiving
    • Computer literate
    • Thorough with menu engineering
    • 3-5 years experience as a Sous Chef / Executive Sour Chef in a large hotel/ operation
    • 2 years working experience in an international hotel is desirable
    • Between 30-35 years
    • Fluent in English and local language
    • Knowledge of Culinary French desirable
    • Knowledge of one foreign language preferred
  • Contact Information

  • Contact Person Madam Syrina
  • Phone 096/076 909-8909&076/096 227-5775
  • Email cv@aseanjobehr.com
  • Website http://www.aseanjobehr.com
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