Executive Assistant to General Manager

  • Location Siem Reap
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Number of Hiring 1
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Dec 29, 2017
  • Job Description


    Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done. Anantara employees always find new ways to look after the business, their guests, and their colleagues. Within this, the key responsibilities for this position are:

    • To provide effective administrative support for the department, completing all activities to the required standard, and in a timely manner.
    • To assist all other members of the department – both executives and Non executives – in the performance of their professional duties, particularly by completing administrative support tasks on their behalf.
    • To ensure that all callers to the hotel are answered in a professional manner, and that their queries are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • Organisation of and attendance at hotel meetings, and the efficient coordination of all logistical and support activities
    • Efficient processing of mail, faxes and other written communications on behalf of the hotel
    • Ensuring that all hotel assets and equipment are cared for and looked after.


    Job Requirements


    Within Anantara, the top-performing people who do this job always demonstrate the following attitude:
    • Working with Others:
    o They always try to anticipate and exceed the needs of customers and colleagues
    o They use their own initiative and good judgement to solve problems in a calm and efficient way, without having to be asked or told what to do
    o They enjoy working with others to achieve common goals. They volunteer as required to ensure the success of the team
    o They act with personal professionalism and integrity at all times
    • Taking Responsibility:
    o They always conduct business honestly and fairly. They keep sensitive information confidential.
    o They can prioritise their workload effectively and be organised and structured at work
    o They manage their time and pay attention to detail. They know their jobs, and are able to work without close supervision.
    o They display a positive attitude, even under pressure. They personally check their work to ensure its accuracy.
    • Delivering Results:
    o They are committed to meeting and exceeding all performance standards
    o They constantly look to develop their own professional skills and abilities
    o They perform job tasks in line with established policies and procedures
    o They always try to provide a top-quality experience to all our guests.

  • Contact Information

  • Company Name Anantara Angkor Resort
  • Contact Person Anthony Borantin
  • Phone T: + 855 63 966 788
  • Email aborantin@anantara.com
  • Website http://www.minorinternational.com/career/hotel.php%20%20
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