Call Center Agent( Chinese Speaking)

  • Location Phnom Penh
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Number of Hiring 1
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Dec 27, 2017
  • Job Description

      This position is responsible for the delivery of service excellence for all calls received within Pi Pay Call Centre. Serves customers by determining requirements; answering inquiries; resolving problems; fulfilling requests; through following standard Quality Assurance requirements.

    +Call Handling

    Handling incoming telephone calls is the main responsibility for call center agents. However, agents must also deal with customers who choose to contact call center by text message, e-mail, web chat or instant messaging. When customers call, agents bring up their details on computer screen so they can refer to account or service records and identify any previous issues that might affect the response. After the call, agents update customer records with details of the inquiry and the response.

    +Call Resolution

    Agents aim to deal with customers’ inquiries on the first call (FCR). They may take a customer’s request, provide information, arrange a service call/appointment or resolve a technical query by telephone. If they cannot deal with the issue immediately, they arrange to call the customer back when they have more information. Agents must ensure that customers receive a satisfactory response (CSAT). Although they aim to deal with calls quickly and efficiently (AHT), agents should not put time saving before quality of service. Customers may not get the information they need, leading to low satisfaction levels.
    + Outbound Calls

    Call center agents may make outbound calls during quiet periods. They may make courtesy calls to check customers’ details or ask if they were satisfied with the service they received. To increase sales, they may call customers who have recently purchased a product to offer them information on other products of interest.

    Quality Assurance Metrics
    Meet the Call Center Key Performance Metrics set by Head of Back Office:
    Average Handling Time (AHT), First Call Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSat)
    Subject to updates and changes based on company needs and growth.


    Job Requirements


    Call center agents must have good interpersonal skills to understand customers’ inquiries or complaints and deal effectively with people who may be worried, frustrated or angry. They must be able to learn quickly so they can acquire the product knowledge to answer customers’ questions accurately. They must also have good knowledge of telephone and computer systems so they can use call center systems efficiently.


    Previous experience in a customer service position may be valuable. Pass Pi Pay Training in product knowledge, customer service policies and call center procedures. Employees must be willing to work at the times required by call center managers, and some positions include evenings, weekends and public holidays. Chinese speaking is a must.

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  • Company Name Pi Pay Co., Ltd.
  • Contact Person Recruitment Team
  • Phone 023 988 989
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