• Location Phnom Penh
  • Salary 700-1000$
  • Number of Hiring 1
  • Working Term Full Time
  • Closing Date Oct 11, 2017
  • *JD

    A.    Accounting task:

    1.      Daily Tasks:

    a.      Verify all the payment of all entity to make sure it complies with budget of Group Policy and current local law without wrong payment to wrong purpose;

    b.      Verify all the staff advance and make sure it will be reimbursement on time with credit term of Group policy; make sure won’t have any staff pending their advance during working in company or before they resign.

    c.      Make sure all daily transaction of collecting & payment by petty cash, AP & costing, AR & revenue, bank collecting & payment, purchasing fix asset-equipment-tools are posted to accounting software on time without delay;

    d.      To follow up with accountant staff to chase customer, pushing clear their AR outstanding and highlight the potential risk to direct manager,  GM and other stackholder;

    e.      To highlight the potential risk on payment to direct manager, GM and stackholder;


    2.      Weekly tasks:

    a.      To make sure AR Aging report is sent to Head Office on every Monday morning without failed. Taking full responsible when AR Accountant staff send the updated AR Aging report to head office;

    b.      To follow up and support AR Accountant staff to chase agent/customer to clear up to date & overdue date AR outstanding. To open weekly AR meeting with staff & head office to highlight on long pending outstanding to seek the supporting of Sale team to chase the AR Outstanding;

    c.      To monitor and make sure the cash on hand book, bank book, bank statement and staff advance report will be sent on time on every Saturday morning; Make sure these books are matched with all figures in accounting system, it has to be corrected and qualified;

    d.      To make sure costing accountant to prepare the payment plan and supporting documents to arrange payment for supplier and send this payment plan to Head Office;

    e.      To make sure AP Accountant will send AP Aging report and payment plan to head office on every Monday morning without fall;

    f.       To monitor and make sure staff advance report has been send on every Monday morning, highlight on each risk or pending transaction without reimbursement;


    3.      Bi-weekly tasks:

    a.      To make sure AP Accountant will contact with Principals/oversea & domestic agent to get their confirming on costing SOA before arranged the settlement costing to them;

    b.      To make sure the SOA of ORC is sent to Principals/agents to get their confirming and asking their schedule of payment to ITL Cambodia;


    4.      Monthly tasks: 5th is the deadline to submit report without change

    a.      To prepare and do cash count minutes of petty cash and submit to Head Office on last day of each month;

    b.      To check all revenue, direct cost, overhead cost (general cost) was fulfill posted correctly with CSR report (Cargo Sale Return) report;

    c.      To run depreciation for all fix asset, equipment, tools and make sure fulfill allocate the sharing cost to each BU, getting lump sum figures from HR to post payroll cost;

    d.      To calculate the incentive figures for sale team to make sure incentive is only paid after clear AR pending;

    e.      To make sure AR/AP accountant to reconcile and get the confirming SOA of AR/AP with intercompany;

    f.       To reconcile all figures in Trial Balance to make sure it is correct to prepare P/L report to submit for head office;

    g.      To prepare monthly tax report (PIT, CIT, WHT, VAT,..) and submit to tax department on time as current local law regulation without fail;

    h.      To follow up and make sure the tax amount has to settled to government bank account on time as current local law regulations without delays;

    i.        To prepare and submit P/L, balance sheet, CF report on fifth (5th) of every month without failed with attaching CSR (Cargo sale report);

    j.        To explain all the question of Head Office on all difference figures of the report;


    5.      Year-end tasks:

    a.      To support BU head to review and calculate all the figures when they are preparing budget;

    b.      To prepare the set of finance statement and calculate and reconcile CIT Tax balance to submit to Tax Department and arrange settle tax to government if any;

    c.      To reconcile and make available of all accounting figures, full set of finance statement, supporting documents before starting internal and external audit;

    d.      To contact with external audit firm to arrange the schedule of audit finance statement;


    e.      To support auditor during they audit finance statement in company;


    ·         Male/Female.

    ·         Heath in good condition

    ·         Experienced in Accounting >4 years

    ·         Has experience in logistics/aviation/shipping is more preferable

    ·         University or College in Accounting/ Finance.

    ·         English

    ·         Good excel skill, familiar with computer related basic skills

    ·         Initiative & team work, positive thinking

    ·         Careful, integrity, and hard-working, attention to detail and accuracy.

    • : Phnom Penh
    • : 700-1000
    • : 1
    • : fulltime
    • : 069 585 373
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    • : #99, 2nd floor of Worldbridge Building, Norodom Blvd, Sangkat Boeung Raing, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
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