Should’s And Should Not’s At The Job Interview You Should Know

At every interview, there should be an opportunity where you can ask question to the employers. Here are some tips to make use of this opportunity as a chance to enhance your impressions!


Questions you SHOULD ask:

1.  Questions that are linked to the organization goals and its culture- employers will be relieved to know that you had come to the interview informed and prepared. Good questions can save you from bad interview.

2.  Questions about the most important tasks which will be given to you in the first month. If the answers are not clear or unrealistic, then you have a chance to re-think about taking the job offer, right?

3.  Figure out who you new boss and your new team is going to be. It may not necessarily mean that your interviewer is going to be your colleague or supervisor. Try and make sure you that you know who you will be working directly with if possible as work environment can be very important.

4.  When you will get the results back, or how you should follow the results. It will suggest that you are looking forward to the results, but also help you relax after the interview too as you know what to expect.

Questions you SHOULDN’T ask:

1.   Try not to reuse questions found online. You may look unprepared, don’t risk it!

2.     Don’t ask for SPECIAL FAVORS! It’s a YELLOW card. You should not ask about working flexibility, vacation or other benefits at the interview. Ask about this at the NEGOTIATION time.

3.  Don’t ask “When will I get my promotion?”. This also has a risk of getting a bad impression from employers. Most employers are looking to fill the current position they are hiring. Talks on promotion will be after you do well in your job.

Now that you have an idea of what you should and shouldn’t ask, make sure you also know that timing and way you speak are also important factors determining what impression it will give to your interviewer.

Make sure you can ask questions in a positive way to learn more about the company and to help you decide!

Hope that helps with your interviews!