How To Be Well Prepared For A Job Interview In Cambodia

In order to get a job, candidates need to join interview with perspective employers. It can take a few-step-interview based on employers’ selection process. Candidates who did not have good preparation for the interview, are likely to fail especially with high standard company.


This article will cover all the tips and tricks, which are provided by Cambodia top recruitment agency named “CamUp Job Center”, to have a successful job interview.

  1. Check company background or profile
    Typically, good candidates cannot go to interview without knowing anything about the company. It is very important to read and understand the company’s history, industry, business type, mission, and vision through their website or other alternative ways. Normally, interviewer will ask one or two questions related to his/her company to make sure you are really interested in or willing to work for the company.
  2. Prepare some impressive answers for common questions
    Before going to an interview, you need to expect some common questions such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “Why do you leave your current job?” “Why are you interested in this position at our company?” …etc. Just some good answers will not attract the interviewer’s attention especially when there are many candidates applied for the same position, you must prepare best answers to beat other candidates in order to impress the interviewer.
  3. Check job description again
    Interviewer will ask you in detail about your qualifications which are stated in the job responsibilities; you need to review them and make sure you can have a good expression in each point strongly. You can describe about your previous working experiences which you have performed well and are confident enough to earn their attraction.
  4. Review resume and practice trial interview
    Review your resume and practicing trial interview in front of the mirror many times one or two days before the interview day, can boost your confident, reduce your nerve and remember the prepared answers well.
  5. Do not lose eye contact with interviewer
    Making the right amount of eye contact with interviewer can make much difference in whether you successfully snag a job. What are the importance of eye contact? Interviewer can see your confidence, honesty, manners, likability, interest, intent and truthfulness through eye contact.
  6. Prepare some questions to ask interviewer
    Prepare some questions to ask interviewer such as “what is their working hour?”, “What is working day?”, “How long does it take for finalized the result?” or other useful information. Asking questions back will show interviewer how much you interested in the job so they can positively judge you.
  7. Dress up Properly
    First impression is very important. By natural concept of human being, people will presume you by the way you dress up and how clean you are. In Cambodia, people will judge you as rude if you wear jean, and T- shirt with messy hair to the interview regardless of position you are applying for. Thus you should dress up professionally. For men, you can wear shirt with black trouser and sometimes wears a jacket and tie to interview. Clear your moustache and spray perfume. For women, you should wear shirt with not-too-short skirt or black trouser and put on a jacket. In addition, comb your hair neatly, clean your shoes, iron your clothes and wear minimal make up.
  8. Estimate your time
    Check company address a day before interview and calculate the right amount of time which you can arrive the interviewer’s location 15 minutes early regard of traffic. Upon arrival, you have enough time to reduce your nerve, tiredness and review resume.
  9. Print out some supporting documents
    Print out all your documents such as resume, recommendation letter, achievement, study records and certificates, work certificate in case the interviewer needs to check them.
  10. Bring along useful materials
    To look professional, you should bring some materials such as notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, phone and money along with you to the interview. So you can note down any useful information you got from the interviewer and s/he will judge you in positive way.

In conclusion, you should prepare all tips and tricks as mentioned above carefully. Hopefully, they will bring you success on your interview day.