BASICs But 4 Attitudes That You May Forget To Put On For An Interview


1) Energetic
Who wants a lethargic new staff? Remember, interviewers are looking at personality as well. Make sure to speak loud and clearly. Note that although you show you have energy, so as to tell that you will be physically capable of working hard, you should make sure that you don’t overdo it.

2) Smiley

Some people are too anxious that their facial expression looks so harsh, uncomfortable or dull. Better looking happy than slightly angry. If they ask you why they are smiling too much, why not just tell them you smile when you are nervous?

3) Respond quickly
When the interviewer asks you a question, don’t hesitate too much. As a normal conversation would go, respond to the question without pausing. The flow of the conversation is more important than you think in terms of impression. If they give you an unexpected question, you could start off by saying “Yes/No”. Don’t blabber on too much as well, and if they ask you something you don’t know, then just say that you don’t so you can’t answer for the moment.

4) “Chill”
You are NOT going to die because you have an interview. Don’t get too passionate or anxious because it could lead your bodily presentations to let you down.
Just be truthful and answer the question relaxed.
Remember, the interviewers are also looking forward to seeing if you fit their company’s vision, and so should you :).

These 4 attitudes may sound too easy, but some people are forgetting to do this.
Remember, impression could just as well be more important than what you say.
You don’t have to be Mr. Know it all, but you could show that you can adapt and work well with others, because these kind of non-verbal communication can only be done by directly interviewing.

Best wishes for your job hunts!