Advantages of Seeking Your Jobs through Recruitment Agencies in Cambodia

Generally, Cambodia keeps developing day by day, in which results in the growth of human resource. Not only is the increase number of companies in Cambodia, and at the same time the job vacancy as well. Consequently, in order to solve these issue, there are the birth of the Job Recruitment Agency.

Regarding this article, you will be able to discover either the relationship between the recruitment agency and the partner company in Cambodia, or the correlation between recruitment agency and the applicants; in addition, the benefits of using the recruitment agency as a mean to search for the job.

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The Relationship Between Agency and The Company

First and foremost, what is Job Recruitment Agency? Technically, Job Recruitment Agency is a type of agency which help any multinational companies in a certain country to search for any suitable and talented candidates for them. Apparently, when there are either any urgent positions or acquired vacancies that are available in the company, recruitment agency then will come into the top priority for the solution. The recruitment agency will help them promote the job vacancy through their web-page, any social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, but in turn it will cost some expense of the agreement between agency and the company as long as the agency could find potential candidates for the company.

Remarkably, even though the company could obtain talented and suitable candidates through the recruitment agency, this does not mean the end of their relationship. In fact, the both party still keep in touch and build strong relationship together for the future interaction and connection.


The Correlation between Agency and Candidate

Not only does the agency play important role in seeking potential employees for the company, but also through the agency, any students or applicants will be able to receive their preferable positions faster than they apply straightly to the company.

So, what are the processes of finding the suitable candidates in recruitment agency? When there comes post-job requirement from any companies, the recruitment agency will post that acquired position with any detailed information from the required company through any means that can be heard or seen to the applicants. Afterward, when the candidates are found by their application to the agency, the agency will execute the selecting processes.

The first is the fellow members in the agency will do the screening process through the applicants’ CV (Curriculum Vitae), Resume, or Cover letter, and any other relevant attached files. If that relevant information about the applicants are passed the agency fellow member’s category, the applicants will be contacted to do the interview process at the agency, in which the applicants would become ‘Candidates’.

The second step is the interview process. In this process, the candidates will be informed about the interview date at the agency. Then the interview process will take place. On the interview day, the candidate will come and have a face-to -face interview with the fellow agency members, whom is the HR team. After the candidate’s qualification meets the position’s requirement, the candidate will be introduced to the main company for another interview. In the meantime, the HR fellow members still contact the candidate about their interview, to know how the interview processes and whether he/she passes or not.

Indeed, the candidates may work at another company, but the agency still keep the connection well with them, for they may come to agency for helps in the future, and the agency will be free to help them at any time.


The Benefits of Recruitment Agency to Applicants

Are you currently looking for a job in Cambodia? Then, the agency can help you in two different ways:

  • The HR fellow members will contact you themselves, for the applicant’s attached file has been screened through and it meets the position’s requirement.
  • You may contact the recruitment agency yourself to look for any position. You may apply for any particular job or submit your open application. Then, it is the agency duty to look for any upcoming jobs that match your interest and at the same time the requirements.

The agency will provide the following advantages:

  • It is free of charge for the applicants. Because the cost was covered already from the agency’s client on the position request, so there is no need for you as the candidate to worry.
  • Recruitment agency is very famous for its knowledge about the labor market. They know well which sector and company can form an amazing and interesting opportunity for people.
  • Through many year having partnership with the clients, agencies are often the first one to see and hear about the acquired position, so recruitment agency are more accessible to the jobs that you as the job seeker may not have seen yet.
  • Recruitment agency can also play a role as your job consultant. The agency fellow members are capable of assisting you about the job requirement, the negotiated salary, and what to do to pass the intake interview at the company.
  • Recruitment agency will also provide you the enjoyment of new experience at the workplace, the permanent contract, and special projects at the company.
  • The recruitment agency has got the mass network around the region as well as the international, so they can help you quickly to get into contact with the clients and other organizations.

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